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Important Numbers

Sometimes, I get slightly obsessed about odd things. Well, maybe ‘obsessed’ is too strong of a word, but perhaps I do think about silly things a bit too much. Lately, my new fascination is on how some people in the … Continue reading

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Back in the UAE

With summer vacation coming to an end, I start another year in the UAE. I would like to say it is another year just like the previous years, but it isn’t. At the start of the previous years, there was … Continue reading

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4th National Day

Yes, it may have been the UAE’s 44th National Day celebration, but it was my 4th one in the country. For whatever reason, it is the event of National Day that makes reality hit me right in the face. Another … Continue reading

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Change your clocks….or wait… don’t!

It has been a couple of weeks since people in the UK and the US (along with many other places) changed their clocks back an hour. ¬†Daylight Saving Time is not observed in the UAE. So then, you may be … Continue reading

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