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Christmas in Al Ain

For whatever reason, this post never happened. It was just sitting in my pending posts half finished. So, I have finished it up and really I guess the title should be “Christmas in July”. I think I have mentioned before … Continue reading

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5 Years Old

Okay maybe I am a bit older than 5, but this was my 5th birthday celebrated in the UAE. I will admit that this year’s celebrations were toned down significantly compared to years past. Maybe that is what happens when … Continue reading

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Pure Amazingness

When I was a teenager, my mom used to say, “I hope when you grow up that you have a daughter just like you.” My mom wasn’t saying thisĀ as a compliment. It was more of a threat. She wanted me … Continue reading

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Wait? Another year older? What??

It never ceases to amazing me at how quickly time has gone by the past few years. Have I really celebrated 4 years worth of birthdays in the UAE? 4 years of birthdays without my mom making me a birthday … Continue reading

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4th National Day

Yes, it may have been the UAE’s 44th National Day celebration, but it was my 4th one in the country. For whatever reason, it is the event of National Day that makes reality hit me right in the face. Another … Continue reading

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