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Christmas in Al Ain

For whatever reason, this post never happened. It was just sitting in my pending posts half finished. So, I have finished it up and really I guess the title should be “Christmas in July”. I think I have mentioned before … Continue reading

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I mentioned in a previous post that the morning radio station gives away tickets to various things around town. Last year, I tried numerous times to win tickets to Bounce, an indoor trampoline park, either at the Dubai location or … Continue reading

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Back in the UAE

With summer vacation coming to an end, I start another year in the UAE. I would like to say it is another year just like the previous years, but it isn’t. At the start of the previous years, there was … Continue reading

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Pure Amazingness

When I was a teenager, my mom used to say, “I hope when you grow up that you have a daughter just like you.” My mom wasn’t saying thisĀ as a compliment. It was more of a threat. She wanted me … Continue reading

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The hardest part about living overseas is the need to say goodbye. There is of course the goodbyes that I had to say to my family, friends, and cats in the States when I chose to move to the UAE. … Continue reading

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