About Me

Originally from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington), I uprooted myself and my daughter in 2012 and moved to the UAE.

Join me in exploring how I am now journeying through life on this adventure living abroad.

You can’t stay stuck in a cycle -Life has to keep moving forward.


25 Responses to About Me

  1. Don’t I know you….????

  2. Sanjay says:

    Hi. I’ve been born and raised in Al Ain but had lived away for the last 7 years. I’ve found your blog to be a great resource! I would love your password for the blog where you’re talking about “drinking in al ain”

    • Tori says:

      I’m sorry Sanjay, but this post is restricted and only people I know personally are given the password. However, thank you for reading my blog, and I am happy you find it to be a good resource.

  3. Ariadne says:

    Hi,I enjoyed reading your blog.I am from the Philippines and I’ll be moving to Al ain next month.Your blog is very informative.

  4. Javiera says:

    Hi. My name is Javiera. I’m from Chile. My BF have a job offer in al ain and we are thinking of moving there. But I’m afraid and I need reference and someone who live there can tell me How is it. Looking in Internet I found your Blog. Maybe you can help me. I’m a physiotherapist and I Work With pregnant woman. How is the life there for a woman? Do you think I can find something to do there. Please tell me. I don’t know anybody who live there. Thanks you. I Love your blog

  5. Jack Frost says:

    Its been a few weeks and we haven’t heard from you. I am leaving to Al Ain in a 2 months and want to make sure its still good to go. Without your Blog I don’t know whats going on there.

    Jack Frost

  6. Sherry says:

    Same same! Did you find any resolution?

  7. James B Kelley says:

    Evening Tori, as a Portlander and future resident of Al Ain it has been great to glean information from your blog. We are moving in August (wife and four kids) and I would love to pick your brain (offline) as you have been there for some time now. Our plan is for fours years as I will be teaching at the UAEU.

    For a point of reference, I went to David Douglas….so deep in SE Portland. Anyway, thanks and keep of the great blogging. πŸ™‚

    • Tori says:

      Thanks for the message.

      I’m on vacation in Spain at the moment but I’d love to answer any questions you have once I get back. Just drop me an email… toricanton@gmail.com

      And I was on the other side of town at Tigard High ☺

  8. Heather says:

    Hi! I found your blog by chance and I love it! I am moving to Al Ain this summer with my family. My daughter will be going into grade 6. We are from Canada but currently living in the US. I have read some of your school adventures… What schools would you recommend for us to look at?

  9. Noorishments says:

    Hi Tori, I’m SO happy to have found your awesome blog!! πŸ™‚ I’m an English TESOL/ESL (online) graduate student, and I’m seriously considering teaching opportunities in the UAE. I’m two quarters away from completing my degree, I know I’ll be able to find a job here after completing the programs. However I’m itching for something different, something that takes me out of my comfort zone personally and professionally, and allows me to travel in my free time. I would love to chat with you to gain some further insight. πŸ™‚

  10. Mike Metzger says:

    Dear Tori,

    I would love to meet you. I’m an expat from Southern California and I just moved to Al Ain from Abu Dhabi.
    I relate to alot of your words, and emotions, especially living over seas and the fear of never seeing the ones you love ever again, that very hard acceptance of a very real possible goodbye.
    Anyhow let me know if you’d be down to meet up for a Chai. Perhaps we can inspire each-other in our living abroad quests.

    Best Regards


  11. Diya says:

    Hi Tori!

    It’s lovely to bump into a fellow UAE blogger πŸ™‚ Off to read some more πŸ™‚

  12. Angela Purcell says:

    Hi Tori
    i have been offered a job at a hospital in Al Ain and will be expecting to arrive spring/summer next year.
    The only concern i have is that it is much quieter than Abu Dhabi and i worry that i will be isolated as i am coming alone.
    Have you any advice or helpful information to inspire me?

    • Tori says:

      Hi Angie,

      Thanks for reading my blog. Congratulations on the job offer. Hopefully, you will find some helpful information as you make your move.

      Al Ain isn’t the ‘village’ that people make it out to be, but it is certainly quieter than Dubai or Abu Dhabi. However, it depends on what you like to do. If you enjoy clubbing or going to the large malls, you will feel that Al Ain is lacking. I would say that my friends that are under 30 or early 30s tend to want to get out of Al Ain because they feel like the social scene isn’t what they are looking for (obviously not all of them, but as a generalization).

      There are places to socialize in Al Ain , and I know many single people living here that have made many friends. You will undoubtedly make a network of friends through coworkers at the hospital. Work is the most common way of making friends around here. And through them, you will be able to branch out more.

      Also, keep in mind that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both only about 90 minutes away, so they are easy enough to get away to for the weekend – assuming you have car (or friends with cars).

      Again, good luck with your new adventure!


  13. Hi Tori, hope you are well. I should be arriving in Al Ain around April. I will be living in hospital accommodation for around 4 weeks then I will have to find an apartment. Could you help me with the best areas to live in. I don’t want to live somewhere noisy and congested. What would make me happy is somewhere with a balcony and a nice view.
    Angie X x

  14. lizmaskell says:

    Hi Tori, would it be ok to send you a personal email? I would love to ask you a few questions about living in Al Ain. Thanks liz

  15. Nelli Achong says:

    Hi Tori,

    I’m Nelli, I live in the Caribbean -Trinidad and Tobago to be exact and my husband works in Abu Dhabi. We are moving the whole family over and I found your blog in my search for info re Al Ain. Is it ok to email you directly? Your blog has given me a lot of information but there are a few personal questions I believe you can help me with. Thanks a mill.

  16. Naresh Menon says:

    Your blog has given me lots of information. Thank you and continue.. the good work:-)

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