I mentioned in a previous post that the morning radio station gives away tickets to various things around town. Last year, I tried numerous times to win tickets to Bounce, an indoor trampoline park, either at the Dubai location or in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, we never won.

Then a few weeks ago, I got an email out of nowhere. I was being invited to be a VIP guest at the grand opening of Bounce at the Remal Mall in Al Ain on October 5th. What???!!! A couple of things about this surprised me. For one, I am not sure how they got my email…. maybe from this blog. For another, from the time I moved to Al Ain, I was told that Remal Mall would never open. That it was doomed to fail. And yet, here it is, now open and drawing in vendors like Bounce.

So, finally after all this time, my family got to go jump on trampoline basketball courts, play dodgeball on a trampoline, and practice sky high jumps into gigantic stunt airbags. Because it was opening night, it was quite crowded. However, I was impressed with how well the employees kept everything under control. There were tons of staff keeping people in line, making sure people were safe, and coordinating activities. It was fun(ny) watching my husband do flips like he was a teenager all over again. Of course, later he commented that it was a heck of lot easier doing flips at 16 than it is at 40. The whole family had a great time, and we are looking forward to going back again.

Thank you Bounce for tickets and for not even asking me to write a blog review in exchange. As a measure of appreciation, I am happily advertising for you.

Based in the heart of Al Ain, at Remal Mall, BOUNCE Al Ain is around 25% bigger than BOUNCE Dubai and has a whole host of NEW features. BOUNCE Al Ain will be home to seriously extreme stunt lovers, sports fanatics and all round crazy BOUNCE champions. Al Ain’s EPIC new trampoline universe is filled with almost 90 interconnected trampolines, allowing you to literally fly through the air and bounce off the walls.

An indoor adrenaline universe, BOUNCE Al Ain is the perfect family outing and gets kids away from the screens and being active whilst burning energy in a fun and safe environment. For adults looking to keep active, 10 minutes on the trampoline is a better workout than 33 minutes of running, according to a study carried out by NASA. Not only is it great for keeping you in great shape and burning calories, the trampoline bed absorbs the majority of the impact, so bones and joints are protected whilst exercising, improving general muscle health and core strength. Bouncing also releases endorphins which can help to make you feel great and combat stress and anxiety. So what are you waiting for? Get BOUNCING!


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One Response to Bounce

  1. Angela purcell says:

    That’s sounds brilliant tori! Can’t wait to give it a go when I’m back in April/may time. I will be living in al ain then too as my new job is there. Keep the posts coming. I love reading this x X x

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