Change your clocks….or wait… don’t!

It has been a couple of weeks since people in the UK and the US (along with many other places) changed their clocks back an hour.  Daylight Saving Time is not observed in the UAE. So then, you may be asking why am I writing about it. I am writing about it because it is dumb. It was dumb when I lived in the States, and it is still dumb now.

I went through about 5 years of my life when I used to work 40 hours a week at my full-time teaching job at the university, another 15 hours a week at my part-time teaching job at the community college, and then another 30 hours on the weekend answering phone calls for a medical answering service. Oh and another 4 hours a week doing TOEFL iBT scoring. That’s right. I was insane. I am surprised my daughter even remembers me during those years.

My Friday schedule was 7:30-2pm at the university. Then between 2-3 I would take a power nap in my car. Then I would pick up my daughter from school and proceed to the weekend job. There I worked from 4pm-7am. Then on Saturday, I turned around and would work another 4pm-7am shift. All of this to say, I was exhausted come Sunday – just for the week to start all over again.

On the weekend that Daylight Saving would end, that extra hour was almost enough to push me to my breaking point. I vividly remember one year taking a phone call at 1:59am from the hospital ER, time stamping the message, then looking back up and seeing the clock read 1am. I actually started crying.  I still had another 6 hours left of my shift.

If I lived in the States now, I doubt that extra hour would impact me as much since I no longer work as many hours a week as a robot would. It would still be annoying. Driving home from work in the dark, remembering how to change my car clock, changing the microwave clock…. all annoying.

In the UAE, I still have to deal with it. No, I don’t have to change the clocks, but I do have to remind all my family and friends in the US that we didn’t change time. Now we are 12 hours ahead instead of 11. Yes, this falls into my job description to remind them. Most of the time they can’t keep straight what time it is for me anyway. So, if I want my scheduled skype call to happen, I have to accommodate for their time. Actually, that is one good thing about Daylight Saving ending, it is much easier for my mom to keep track of what time it is for me (just flip the a.m. to p.m., mom).

And just to prepare for Spring when it all happens again….

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2 Responses to Change your clocks….or wait… don’t!

  1. Satya says:

    Hilarious !! I liked the John Oliver video in particular 🙂

  2. Khaleelah says:

    Wow! Just finished reading this whole blog, how fantastic, I really enjoy how u write, was fab to read ur spin on life in Al Ain, can’t wait for the next update👍

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