The Perfect Day

Well, I did it. I did something I never expected to happen when I moved to Al Ain. I fell in love and got married. That’s right. I got married this summer (June 28, 2015) in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t easy planning it while in the UAE (thank you family, friends and Amazon!), but it all came together into the most perfect wedding I could have ever imagined for myself.DavisWEB-2108

Meeting a potential husband was the furthest thing from my mind when I first moved to Al Ain. But I suppose life is like that. Things happen when you aren’t looking for them. The funny thing is that Clark and I must have really not been looking for it because we worked together for a year and a half before we finally met. Even then, we didn’t meet at work, but instead were slyly set up by a mutual friend.

DavisWEB-1921After we got engaged, our students were quite excited. They called it a love story. And you know what, they are right. We have our own very unique love story. The fact that we are both American but had to go half way across the world to meet each other became the theme of our wedding (complete with map and globe decorations and bottles filled with sand from Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi as gifts for the guests).


If Clark and I had met 20 years ago, 10 years ago, even 3 years ago, our love story wouldn’t have happened. It is because of our life experiences shaping who we are that made this possible.

DavisWEB-2091  DavisWEB--3

I am not going to go on and on about the details of the wedding. I know most people read my blog for insider tips to Al Ain and aren’t looking for a love story. I just wanted to share with my readers my happiness and excitement. It truly was the perfect day with our families and friends there to celebrate with us. It was magical.

DavisWEB-2208   DavisWEB-2458


You can expect more posts in the future to include stories involving our newly formed family. It will be fun to see the family dynamic once the summer is over and we are back in Al Ain together. It will be an adjustment merging our families into one, but one we are all excited to make.


Clockwise from the bride: Tori, Clark, Tirzah, Gabe, Grant, Garrett, Kassandra

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5 Responses to The Perfect Day

  1. Maha says:

    Congratulations on your wedding! Beautiful story and thank you for sharing. I read your blog not only b/c I will be relocating to Al-Ain but b/c it gives a human/e face to leaving home and starting anew elsewhere. Again, congratulations on the beautiful culmination of a love story.

  2. Marina Bruce says:

    Many congratulations to you both!

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