Ziad, the go-to guy

1966270_10152588288376676_5309876312950882803_oThis is a quick shout out for Ziad.

I first met Ziad as my CrossFit trainer, but he quickly became a friend as well.

Ziad is my go-to guy for anything and everything that I need done. All I have to do is contact him, and I know he will get it taken care of. He has had my car serviced and windows tinted. He helped get my entire apartment packed and moved for me over the summer while I was still out of the country, and he helped arrange a multitude of other tasks to be done for me once I was in the new apartment. His connections, resourcefulness, and ability to speak both Arabic and English are invaluable; however, most importantly, I trust him.

My only regret is that I didn’t meet him sooner. It would have made my transition moving to Al Ain much easier. If you are in the Al Ain/Abu Dhabi area and need help with home services (moving, electrical, repairs, maintenance, etc), automotive services, or just about anything else you can think of, I highly recommend contacting him and he can discuss rates.


Mobile: 050 301 3336/ 050 338 0746

Email: leoziad0@gmail.com  (That’s a zero after Ziad)

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