Ferrari World

Ferrari WorldOn Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, there are two theme parks. There is Yas Waterworld, which I have posted on in the past, and there is Ferrari World. I bought a groupon package for a hotel night stay and Ferrari world tickets to use in February. The hotel stay was lovely, but unfortunately, when we got to the park, the Formula Rossa ride was closed for maintenance. I found this to be a bit frustrating. I would think that when you are booking a package, the hotel could take the time to inform their guests of things like this, but maybe that is expecting too much.  Since the ride was closed and it was the ride we were most looking forward to experiencing, we decided not to use our tickets on that day (actually we ended up at Yas Waterworld again, and I managed to get through the park unscathed this time by avoiding certain perilous rides).

We ended up going back to Yas Island to use the tickets in May.  We got there as soon as it opened on a Friday morning – hoping to beat the crowds.

Here are the positives I found about Ferrari World:

Most of the park is indoors; which means that you get to wait inside with AC. This is of course a huge plus when the temperature outside was about 100F (38C).

The Formula Rossa is marketed as the world’s fastest rollercoaster ride with acceleration of 0-240km/h in 4.9sec, 0 -100km/h in 2sec <– that’s pretty darn fast. And being as it is that I love thrill rides and speed, it was a pretty exciting experience. It is a really good thing that we chose to come back instead of going to the park when this ride was under maintenance.

2014-05-02 11.45.18 2014-05-02 11.45.21

The wait time for most of the rides was pretty good (under 5 minutes). The longest line was for the Formula Rossa and we had to wait about 20-30 minutes.

It is something different to do.

Here are the negatives: 

The Formula Rossa was really the only exciting ride in the park. The only other thrill ride was the Fiorano GT Challenge which was only worth riding once. The rest of the rides were more family oriented and not at our speed. Now I have heard recently that they will be opening additional rides at the same time as when they open the Yas Mall (supposedly scheduled to open in November 2014). Hopefully that is true, and hopefully they will be thrill rides. It seems a waste to be home to the “world’s fastest rollercoaster” and not have any other comparable rides.

2014-05-02 14.31.52 2014-05-02 14.37.24

It is hot outside. Now despite the fact that you get to wait in line inside, the rides are outside. This means that when you are traveling at 240km/h, the heat and rush of dry, sandy air feel like they are on a mission to suck every bit of moisture available from your eyeballs. Yes, you wear glasses. No, it doesn’t completely stop the feeling that your eyes and other parts of your body are being pressure cooked.

The food, as in most theme parks, was overpriced and blah.


I am happy that we went otherwise I would have spent a lot of time thinking I was missing out on tons of awesome, thrilling excitement. Now I know that Ferrari World just isn’t what I thought it was going to be. Hopefully the rumors I have heard about new rides opening are true although I didn’t see any evidence of this while we were there.

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