Another Year Older

Well, it happened again. I had another birthday. If you recall from my birthday post last year, Happy birthday to…me! I 100% believe that bad birthday mojo follows me from year to year. However, last year I had an awesome birthday, so it made me start to wonder if the birthday curse was on temporary hiatus. Then a strange thing happened. I had another great birthday this year.

It was finals week at the university. This meant that I spent my birthday week proctoring and grading final exams, but it also meant that on my actual birthday, I didn’t have to go into work. After dropping Kassandra off at school, I snuck right back into bed for a two hour nap. Then I went and got a massage and a facial. The woman giving me the facial was surprised at my age. She insisted I must be younger than I am. I know… it is her job to make me feel good. But, really, people around here are not knowing for blowing smoke up your ass. In fact, they are more likely to say something that Americans would consider quite rude. So, when the Filipino facialist (is this a made up word?) said I looked at least five years younger than I am, I chose to take her at face value and just feel good.

2014-02-21 21.14.50 2014-02-21 21.15.24

Kassandra bought me ‘Monopoloy’ for my birthday. It is hilarious. I think unknowingly she bought me the knock off version. It isn’t a Parker Brothers game, but rather a Paker brothers game. The board and cards have spelling errors and other quirky issues like two of the same property card and awkward translations – not just weird translations for English, but some of the things that I think are supposed to be French are done oddly too. Now not only do we have fun playing Monopoly, but this game is fun taken to a whole new level!

2013-12-12 17.20.49Later Kassandra and I went to dinner at Fuddruckers. Maybe not the place that I would have chosen for a birthday dinner in the U.S., but I was craving ranch. Is that weird? No. Actually I think the weird part is that this is basically the only place that serves ranch dressing. And their deep fried mushrooms are lovely! Oh how I miss dipping my French fries in ranch.

After dinner, I went out with my friends to Paco’s (a bar that plays live music). I invited a random assortment of friends from work and hoped that at least a few of them would show up. You might think I am being dramatic, but I have a huge fear of holding a party and nobody coming. (Hmm… maybe this is why I never host game night and I always make Gina or Christine do it.) This time, however, my fear was unfounded as I was never alone at my table reserved table of 10. Actually, at one point we ended up dragging over another table so more people could sit down. People even brought me gifts! That was a totally unexpected, unnecessary, but totally appreciated surprise.

I don’t have any pictures of the birthday gathering, but maybe after drinking a lot of …. Sprite… it is good not to have any evidence of the fun. Nothing crazy. Nothing wild. Nothing bad. Just a perfect day all around. I think it is confirmed –  the birthday bad luck curse has been thwarted because of the time zone I am living in. As long as I am celebrating my birthday in the UAE, the bad mojo will be kept away.

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