Missing your lemons?

Just a little story to illustrate the absurdity of some of my days around here.

Kassandra and I went to Abela, the small grocery store behind our apartment, the other day for the usual staples… milk, bread, and cheese and a futile search for tortilla chips. After making our purchase, I put the groceries into the back seat of the car.  After starting the car, I noticed that the light on my dashboard for the back door was on indicating that it wasn’t completely shut.

As we drove home, about a two minute drive, I complained to Kassandra that someone must have played with the trunk (boot) while we were in the store. She thought that was ridiculous and said that the light or sensor was probably broken. Idle speculation.

When we got home, Kassandra went to shut the trunk door and remarked that I am a dork because I must have just not shut the door all the way when I put the groceries back there. I didn’t put the groceries back there. I put them in the back seat. Actually at this point I was taking the groceries from the back seat, and yet, there was Kassandra holding several bags of groceries she got out of the trunk.

Someone had put their groceries in our car.

After a mini lecture from my daughter about not locking the car doors, the conversation turned to what should we do. Take them back which would undoubtedly lead to a complicated and convoluted conversation with the store clerks about why I am bringing back the food, or keep the groceries and feel slightly guilty? I chose the latter. Kassandra looked at me in shock and said she was surprised that I wasn’t taking the moral high road. Great example I set for my kid, right?

As we perversely went through the bags to discover the contents of someone else’s shopping trip, we contemplated the scenarios which would have resulted in someone leaving their bags in our car.

Perhaps they told the man bagging their groceries to just go put it in their white SUV. In which case, no wonder there was confusion since just about every car in Al Ain is a white SUV.

Maybe they just wanted to quickly put the groceries in the car, so they could go back into the store to visit the pork shop without needing to hold all of the bags.

Or once they put the groceries in the trunk, they got into the car, realized it wasn’t their car, felt nervous/embarrassed and ran away before being discovered in someone else’s car.

I am leaning towards the visit to the pork shop being the distraction. I am making myself feel better about the whole situation by telling myself that they were probably relieved after coming out of the pork shop, seeing that ‘their’ car was stolen, and then realizing that their car was still there…. just not parked where they put the groceries.

So, you might be asking, what kind of loot did we get? Well we got some milk (never hurts to have more), eggs, water bottles, two packs of cigarettes, crackers, an avocado (score!!), a huge bag of lemons, some deli meat pies, and a few other random things.

If you have been to Abela recently and misplaced your groceries, I am sorry I didn’t go back and hunt you down to give you back the food you put in my car. Consider this a life lesson…. double check that it is your car before putting your bags away.

Anyone need some cigarettes? I have two packs I am willing to sell you.

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2 Responses to Missing your lemons?

  1. Johnny Spiva says:

    Just too funny!

  2. Satya says:


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