Happy Birthday Kassandra!

I have gotten behind on my blogging because of the Europe trip, but I would be remiss if I skipped over Kassandra’s birthday which was on April 29.

Just as it felt weird to celebrate my birthday in another country, I figured it might be hard on Kassandra too. I suggested many things that we could do to celebrate her 14th birthday, all of which were pretty much shot down – she is a hard girl to impress and get excited. Plus I think she was still burnt out from the Europe vacation which we had only been home from for two weeks.

2013-04-18 15.43.10

So first, I let her choose where she wanted to eat dinner. Anywhere. We ate at Farooj (her choice! Really? A fast food chicken joint?). Then after dinner, I surprised her with a scavenger hunt that I had prepared for her in our apartment.

This first paper gave the rules of the hunt. That there would be 14 clues, and that all clues must be retrieved in the proper order  – even if she happens to see a different one along the way. It also gave the  first clue, which was “Did you spill something on your shirt?”

2013-04-29 16.33.35     2013-04-29 16.35.16

Clue #2 which she found in the washing machine (along with a bottle of perfume) said “Do you think he needs a hair cut yet?”. Yes, some of the clues were quite silly, but there were only so many different places that I could hide clues/gifts in our apartment. Clue #3 (along with dirhams) “Now you don’t have to use the maids.”

2013-04-29 16.39.46        2013-04-29 16.42.01

This continued on for 14 clues (along with 14 small gifts) like mobile credit, face cream, and a hair straightener.

2013-04-29 17.00.09     2013-04-29 16.58.56

While she searched for some of the harder clues like clue #12: Hungry? You won’t find the food here (which led to a clue taped up to the bottom side of a table that we never eat at), I worked on frosting the cake. She had insisted that she wanted a round cake, so earlier in the week, I bought round cake pans. The cake was looking delicious as it was cooling and it started off okay as I was frosting it.

2013-04-29 16.39.00      2013-04-29 17.10.29

But then, the frosting just sort of started melting off the cake and the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. Before I knew it, half the cake was turning into an avalanche. Don’t worry. This didn’t seem to upset Kassandra. In fact, she found it so funny that she couldn’t control herself. She was laughing so hard that she was literally on the floor consumed by giggles.

2013-04-29 17.10.38        2013-04-29 17.11.24 2013-04-29 17.11.28      2013-04-29 17.11.48

I managed to still light the candles, so her boyfriend and I could sing her happy birthday (that is her boyfriend in the background on Skype).

2013-04-29 21.08.26 2013-04-29 21.08.43

After the scavenger hunt and the cake, we went to get mani/pedis and our hair cut at the new salon near the Rugby Club. It was a fun evening. Although maybe not the best birthday ever, it was fun to spend it together and even better, I got to see her laughing (even if it was at the expense of my cake!). My daughter’s 14th birthday is in the books, and it will be one to remember if for no other reason then because it was her first birthday celebrated living abroad.

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One Response to Happy Birthday Kassandra!

  1. Daniel says:

    I think you always do good job with her birthday’s and that one was no exception, well maybe the cake 😉 lol. plus you get the reward to make her laugh 🙂

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