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Other Well-known Roundabouts (part 3)

As I have mentioned in previous posts, roundabouts are a part of life in Al Ain. Even people from Dubai and Abu Dhabi don’t fully understand Al Ain’s passion for them. Maybe it in part what keeps Al Ain quaint. … Continue reading

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Jabel Hafeet

Jabel Hafeet (also spelled; Jabal, Jebal, Jebel) is one of Al Ain’s claims to fame. It is one of the highest mountain in the area (4,068 ft / 1240m) . I have an earlier post about Green Mubazarrah, which is the … Continue reading

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Al Ain Raceway.. Vroom… Vroom

This is going to be a fast post. A while back I went to the Al Ain Raceway with a group of people I know from work. I was excited to try it. The need for speed is kind of … Continue reading

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When we were in the process of moving to Al Ain, one of the things that I had to get situated was obtaining treatment for my daughter’s braces. At the time that we decided to move, she still only had … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Kassandra!

I have gotten behind on my blogging because of the Europe trip, but I would be remiss if I skipped over Kassandra’s birthday which was on April 29. Just as it felt weird to celebrate my birthday in another country, … Continue reading

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