Europe (part 6) – Paris Revisited

After taking the train back from Chartres to Paris, we made our way to the Louvre Museum. This was just days before the whole incident where the Louvre workers walked out for a day in protest of the lack of help they get with pickpocketers. All over the Louvre, as well as everywhere else we visited in Europe, there were signs posted warning people of pickpocketers.  The warnings are important, but at the same time, I felt like I was being hyper vigilant against being mugged my whole trip. In any case thankfully, we weren’t mugged and we got to see the Louvre.

Europe 201    Europe 202

I half expected the entrance fees to be exorbitant based on the prices of everything else we  had seen in Europe, but my ticket was reasonable and Kassandra’s was free.

Europe 186     Europe 194 Europe 189        Europe 190

The museum had some of the world’s most amazing pieces of art. However, it was crowded and a little hard to get decent pictures at the same time as a hundred other people. After walking through the museum for a few hours, Kassandra looked at me and said, “I guess in the end, it’s just a museum. I could have seen this stuff on the internet.” Then we sat in a quiet corner and read our kindles for awhile, so we wouldn’t have to be back out in the cold. I guess as much as we would like to claim to be cultured people, in the end, churches, museums, and old buildings are just not really our thing. Then we ventured back out onto the streets of Paris.

Europe 207 Europe 209

We decided that since we were catching another night train, we would slowly work our way from the Louvre to the Gare d’Austerlitz station. Okay okay I made the decision and told Kassandra it was about one mile even though I knew it was closer to three miles. Well,  three miles if I stayed on course, which I mostly did. I figured three miles was manageable considering all the walking we had been doing the past week. The only uncomfortable part was lugging our bags with us (and of course the weather, which as this point wasn’t as horrible as it had been).

I loved this! Along the bridge crossing the Seine River people had fastened locks with the names of people they love (Melissa & Tom FOREVER). Vendors were selling locks that you could buy with the instructions to then throw the key into the river after padlocking your symbol of love to the bridge.

Europe 215 Europe 216

Along the streets, there were vendors peddling random things. Kassandra really like this and was able to find a few souvenirs for her friends. We saw the Eiffel Tower – from a distance. We were going to go to it, but after seeing it from a distance, I decided that was good enough. Besides, I have seen it in Vegas. 😉

Europe 211     Europe 212

By 5pm we were starving, and once again France just doesn’t accommodate our eating schedule – too late for lunch, too early for dinner. So, we went to the first open restaurant we could find which was a 50s style diner. Well, a French version of what they think a 50s style American diner should be.

After dinner, we continued on our walk – checking out the shops and sights along the way. By the time we made it to the train station, it was only about 7:30, so we were fairly early for our 10pm train to Spain. But, at this point, we had become train station experts. We were able to snag seats in the heated waiting room and dominate the electrical plugs to charge all of our devices. At one point a man turned to Kassandra and asked her, in Spanish, if she speaks Spanish. She told him yes, so he asked her to watch his chair for a second while he went to the bathroom. I could tell Kassandra was pleased at being marked as a potential Spanish speaker. She was getting excited about continuing our journey onto Spain!

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