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Roundabout Art (part 2)

I am going to start today’s look at Al Ain Roundabouts with something that isn’t even a roundabout. Why? Well, apparently it used to be the Clock Tower Roundabout, but when they took out some of the roundabouts in the … Continue reading

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Ticket, ticket, and a ticket

On February 19th, as I was arriving to work, I received an SMS (which is what they call text messages here) from the UAE Traffic Authority. This is what it said: My initial reaction was CRAP! But then I found … Continue reading

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Get ready to escape death… it’s time to drive to school

When Kassandra went to The International School in Portland, Oregon, one of my favorite times of day was driving her to and from school. Although there was traffic, it was a time for us to talk and catch up on … Continue reading

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Round and round we go (Part 1)

Al Ain traditionally is called the Garden City because of its greenery. Well… green compared to the other parts of the UAE which has very little. Locals hold Al Ain in high regards because it was the birthplace of Sheikh … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to… me!

Some might call it silly, others may think I am being overly dramatic, and the rest probably think it is all in my head (or brought on by myself), but I truly believe that for whatever reason, I always have … Continue reading

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