Dubai International Comedy Carnival

276961_320126288088762_1868229188_nTime for a few laughs. On January 26, a group of us went up to Dubai for an ‘Axis of Evil’ comedy show. We had VVIP tickets. What are VVIP tickets, you ask? Well, they are a step above VIP of course, duh. Actually, we had no idea what to expect (this is a common state of being for me in the UAE). When we purchased our tickets a couple of days before the show, there was no information explaining the difference between standard, VIP, and VVIP. There was also no real clear information about where to go or who would be performing. This is pretty typical around here.

Basically as a rule of thumb, you have to let go of the concept of planning. You will be told what you need to know when it is time for you to know and then it usually works out for the best. For those of you that know me, then you understand that this has probably been one of the hardest things for me to adjust to living here. I like schedules, planning, over thinking the planning, and revising the schedules. It was like a hobby for me in the past, and I was good at it.

2013-01-26 20.01.14

Turns out it was an outdoor comedy show, and our VVIP seating basically just got us closer seats. The official show started about an hour after the posted start time which worked out well because we got to see Michael Winslow (Police Academy/ Man of 10,000 sound effects) and Mina Liccione perform before the Axis of Evil comedians. I am still a little unclear if our tickets were supposed to allow us to see both shows or not, but either way that proves my point that things will usually end up working out just fine around here even if I am not able to go into it feeling fully informed or organized. (Yes, I realize these are horrible pictures, but the light was too bright to really take any decent ones)

2013-01-26 19.50.13The main show included performances by Dean Obeidallah, Aron Kader, Ali Al Sayed, and Mo Amer (and a guy whose name I don’t know. I think he won a comedy contest or something). I say these names like I know who they are, but I didn’t until the show. In fact, Ali Al Sayed and Mo Amer weren’t even on the flyer we got when we arrived, so I think they were surprise guests. Good surprises. All of the comedians were funny, but these two guys were the best. They photo (57)seemed to know their audience a little better – even when they were speaking in Arabic, it was good enough to make me laugh.

Lesson learned. A little humor can never hurt and good things can happen even if not planned, scheduled, and over-analyzed.

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3 Responses to Dubai International Comedy Carnival

  1. Christine says:


  2. Jeannie says:

    Did you see their first show it was awesome with & i attended every show after that, the organizers “DUBOMEDY” is what they are called did a fantastic job. And by the way yes they did have a flyer & Ali Al sayed had his own personal show & was amazing & Mo Amer was a surprise coz there was go Remy the you tube but he was replaced maybe Mo Amer. all of them are fantastic. I have officially become a follower of Dubomedy and they have been massive events since like 5 – 6 years ago. can’t wait for next years carnival…

    • Timothy says:

      Yes the carnival was fantastic, i did see a lot of stuff happen besides those shows i saw some break-dance & Irish dancers and yes the Organizers were funny people from the comedians who just about made me laugh every time i wanted to breathe, to the girl at the ticketing box who after waiting in a long line which seemed endless had a wonderful smile & kept us laughing with her comments to which i somehow got wrist banded with a Pink band & to the Tuk Tuk drivers who seemed like they were Arabs gone wild in a Tuk tuk. Going to keep an eye out on these guys for sure.

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