Under Construction

As some of you may know, about 6 weeks ago a hole appeared in the area that should be my parking spot. I remember thinking at that time that I had come a long way because I didn’t run right out and start playing twenty questions with the workers. Of course I wanted to know why the hole was there and when it would be finished, but I knew it would be unlikely that the workers would speak English, and even if they did speak English, it would be unlikely they would be able to give me any kind of time estimates. Instead I speculated and waited. So the weeks went by and nobody came back to do anything with the hole. However, on the other side of my side street a trench was being dug that extends from my flat down to the nearest roundabout.


Then today I woke up at 6:30am to banging outside of my bedroom window. Apparently they have decided to do something with the hole, and in doing so, they blocked in my car and my neighbors’ cars. Again, I didn’t get mad, but I was curious enough to go out and ask about the construction. The foreman actually speaks English. He told me they hope to get the work done today. This was between asking me if I am married and where I am from.


I eventually got my neighbors to all move their cars, so I was able to drive out the side of my parking area. When my neighbor with the brand new red Mustang came out and saw the workers using his car as a resting place for their helmets, he was more than just a little pissed off. He yelled at them, and although I agree with everything he said to them, I am just not the kind of person that is able to do that. On the upside, I think his yelling may have resulted in some action. There are (at last count) 19 men outside my building working to finish the construction.

Later when I went outside to take this photo, the foreman came back over to me. At first he was worried that I was taking the picture to get them in trouble. After ensuring him that I just wanted it to send to my mom, he was very relieved. He said I am very nice. Then he proceeded to ask me for my phone number. He has only been here for three months and would like to hang out with a nice person.  I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that. He insisted that I at least take his phone number.  His name is Asam (pronounced Awesome). And even though I really want to get out and meet new people, this isn’t what I had in mind. Do you think that since I am never going to call him, it will hinder the speed of construction?

The good thing is that I think he believes I live in Flat #2 and not #3.  I had switched reserved parking spots with my neighbor, Steven, earlier this month because he drives a small rental Yaris and could squeeze past the hole into the covered parking; whereas, I could not in my car. Steven may be surprised when a not so awesome Asam comes knocking on his door.

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3 Responses to Under Construction

  1. arleebug54 says:

    Welcome to blogging! I am so proud of you. I have found it to be a true solace to the soul. I am following you and looking forward to your reflections. Hugs, Carla

  2. Satya says:

    Very Impressive narration…..keep blogging!

  3. Tal says:

    Lock your door, blondie! 😉 Brings back memories of being hit on often when I was living abroad (also when I was younger, thinner, and cuter).

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