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Get your plate of crepes.. It’s movie time

I have been to the cinema three times since being in Al Ain. The first time was with Kassandra and we saw “Pitch Perfect”. *Side note about this movie: The character “Lilly” reminded me so much of a student that … Continue reading

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Plastic or Plastic?

Before I begin, I feel it is important to note that I dislike grocery shopping. I didn’t like it in the States, and I don’t like it here. For me grocery shopping has always been an inconvenience – something to be avoided … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving UAE style

It is always hard to be away from family during the holidays – especially in a different country. After spending the morning working and the afternoon foolishly wishing that the inevitable wasn’t inevitable,  Kassandra and I got to enjoy the evening at … Continue reading

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What’s the weather like today?

People love to talk about the weather. All of you Portlanders, how many different words can you think of to describe rain/raining?  Drizzle, downpour, raining cats and dogs, sprinkling, pouring, freezing rain, hail, puddles, raindrops, rainfall… the list goes on. In the almost three months … Continue reading

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University Life

Some of you may be wondering about my actual job. I teach English at UAE University in the URGU (University General Requirements Unit). Most students entering the university take UGRU classes (Arabic, math, English, and IT) unless their test placement … Continue reading

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